Customs clearance How to clear the cargo

Customs clearance of goods

So you found the goods you are interested in from a foreign seller and decided to bring, let's saycargo from Chinaor Japan via portVladivostokand further where necessary.
But you have no experienceforeign economic activity,and you have questions.
  • How to avoid complicationscustoms clearance of cargo?
  • What actions need to be taken in order to quickly and inexpensivelyclear the cargo?
  • What difficulties can generally arise in this case?

You must understand that incustoms clearance,as in any activity related to government bodies, there are so-called “pitfalls”.

These circumstances are difficult to predict for a person who is faced with this task for the first time and only rich experience in the fieldcustoms clearanceand, good relationship withcustoms authoritieshelp avoid unwanted situations.

What is required and how to do it, let's analyze the steps in order and as carefully as possible.

The first thing you have to do is find the product you are interested in and agree on its price and terms of delivery.
Next you needcalculate necessary payments such asfreight,terminal fees,customs payments(duty + VAT + excise + customs clearance fees), registration of permits, temporary storage warehouse, delivery of cargo to your warehouse, etc. After evaluating all this, you need to make a final decision on the expediency of the transaction.

With self-calculationcustoms payments do not forget about the presence of such a concept as risk - (intra-customs minimum value of goods at which the release of goods is possible). Information about the value of RISK is confidential and is not advertised anywhere, often even customs inspectors do not know it, however, in ourcustoms calculatorYou can see the average passing prices for goods which in most cases coincide with the amount of risk.

you also need to decide on the method of customs clearance, there are 6 varieties, the most used methods are 1 and 6, and when using 1 method (on invoice value of goods) You will need to collect a large package of documents confirming your value of the goods.

So, you have calculated everything and decided to carry the cargo, then you need to perform the following steps.

To become a subjectforeign economic activity, and to be able to bring goods to the address of your company, is necessary.

  • Have an enterprise with any form of ownership or individual entrepreneur
  • Availability of currency and ruble bank accounts
  • Be registered at that customs postwhere you plan to arrange the cargo. Attention! if your company will import goods for the first time throughVladivostok customs,it will greatly increase the likelihood of inspection
  • Prepare and conclude a competent foreign economic contract with a foreign company selling goods and other necessary documents, taking into account the requirements of customs
  • Issue a transaction certificate
  • Prepare a package of documents that meets the requirements of the customs authorities
  • Transfer payment for the goods to the supplier
  • Pay freight (if provided for by the terms of delivery)
  • Pick up the bill of lading upon arrival of the ship with the cargo
  • If necessary, issue a certificate of conformity, sanitary and hygienic conclusion, phytosanitary certificates and other permits
  • Fill in the customs declaration taking into account the requirements of the customs authorities and print it on a special form
  • Pay fees forcustoms clearance, import (import) duty and VAT
  • Submit a declaration to customs, inspect / inspect the goods and release the goods

We can and are ready to help you at any stage of this path. We will answer your questions in detailforeign economic activity.

Or we will do all the work related tocustoms clearanceand obtaining permits for your cargo.

  • Let's prepareforeign economic contractand other necessary documents
  • We will prepare a competent package of documents
  • We will analyze statistical data for similar products, and give recommendations where possibleprice optimization
  • We will assist in conducting appraisal and other types of examinations
  • We will help with the certification of imported goods
  • We will fill in the cargo customs declaration taking into account the latest requirements
  • Let's spendcustoms clearanceyour cargo as soon as possible
  • If necessary, we will carry out inspection / inspection of the cargo
  • We will send your cargo to the destination you specified

If for some reason you do not want or cannot carry the goods under your contract, our company can producecustoms clearance of your cargounder your contract, thereby greatly facilitating and speeding up the process.

According to this scheme, our campaign will conclude a commission agreement with your company, according to which we will be the recipient of the goods in the Russian Federation, and you will be the actual owner. After customs clearance with a commission agent's report, we will provide you with copies of all expenditure documents. And we will transfer the goods on the basis of the act of acceptance and transfer.

Under this scheme, we.

  • We will negotiate with your suppliers and conclude a foreign economic contract
  • We will collect all the necessary documents for the possibility of using method 1 (if it is economically justified)
  • We organize the delivery of goods
  • We will obtain all necessary permits and certificates
  • We will pay for the goods
  • Let's producecustoms clearanceat the lowest possible prices
  • We will send your cargo safe and sound to its destination

The main advantage of working with us is

  • Saving money through logistics andcustoms optimization.
  • If the cargo is brought under our contract, then there is no need for foreign exchange payments on your part and the fulfillment of the conditions of the currency control associated with it.
  • Huge time savings due to turnkey work with one company, and you do not have to master constantly changing legislative acts in the fieldcustoms clearance.
  • At the stage of tax audits, you do not fall into the risk group, since questions can be forwarded to the importing company.
  • You won't have to deal with a lot of state bureaucratic structures. Anyone who has ever dealt with customs, tax and other licensing authorities knows what is at stake.